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About Texting Cloud

WHAT WE OFFER: Target Marketing mobile sales tools. They’re like a mobile business card on steroids… each is designed with leaders in YOUR company to give you an important edge in reaching potential customers & attracting more folks to join your Team.

EASY & EFFECTIVE: We integrate texting, email & video seamlessly into an elegant, yet efficient design. You’ll enjoy the advantages of both PULL marketing (attracting prospects to contact you) and PUSH marketing (sending out your message to prospects).

HOW IT WORKS: Texting Cloud’s Mobile Business Cards make it quick and easy for prospects of all kinds to view your company’s best videos, brochures, pdfs and media kit. They can access critical data such as local meetings, email you, call your cell phone, view your website, sign up under you: whatever your company’s hot-buttons are!


Features that Matter

Reasons You’ll Love It

Texting Cloud’s Mobile Business Card (MBC) is a world-class marketing tool. You’ll look good and you’ll feel great when you use the MBC. Using it sets you apart from other competitors and differentiates you within your own industry. Having your own Mobile Business Card shows both prospects and Team Members alike, that you’re a professional, using cutting edge, 21st century technology to connect with them. Take advantage of more opportunities and grow your business more easily and effectively with the Mobile Business Card.


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Do you know that people are TEN TIMES more likely to read a TEXT than an email, according to the Mobile Marketing Association? Texting Cloud’s Mobile Business Cards integrate the most powerful & effective technologies with your media kit and best videos, to make your communications more effective & entertaining for your prospects. Bring these advantages & more to your marketing efforts in just minutes!

A Complete Turn-Key Solution, ready in less than a minute!


Includes artwork for matching printed business cards

  • Create your base card in less than a minute
  • No credit card required to try it for 14 Days FREE
  • Customize your base card with your own photo N/C
  • Let’s you select an available texting keyword
  • Your cell number, email address and website are hot-links
  • In addition to mobile web card, you get artwork for matching printed one

Don’t see a Texting Cloud Mobile Business Card for YOUR Company?

Texting Cloud’s goal is to work with highly professional companies that want to improve the value of their marketing tools, and also understand the importance of the Mobile Business Card in the sales and marketing process. The requirements for the companies we look to work with are:

1). They have world-class products and services that people want,

2). They provide great value, and operate with high integrity

3). They are leaders in their industry.

If the company you work with fits that profile, but Texting Cloud isn’t yet providing a Mobile Business Card for it, please contact us so we can discuss the possibility of our creating one for your group. Doing so can help grow your own business faster and help make your Sales Team more effective and successful, as well.

Who Are We

We’re a Team whose members possess unique talents and backgrounds: Technologists, International Corporate Business Specialists, Savvy Direct Sales Professionals and so much more! We’ve come together to provide the most innovative technologies and methodologies, integrated and packaged specifically for key companies in every industry. By our working closely with the leaders in each of those companies, we incorporate “best practices” into each of our products. We’re technical and marketing pros who work with the pros and leaders of YOUR Company.

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